Worshiping and serving God through acts of justice and compassion


     MCCLV's Sunday Adult Christian Education Fall series will include a screening of the movie "Fix It" on October 15 at 10am in the Chapel:

Get Revived October 13

Children & Youth Spiritual Growth Opportunities

Adult Spiritual Growth Opportunities

Creativity Night

     Join the MCCLV Pastor and Music & Worship Director at the Vision of Hope MCC Revival on Friday, October 13. Rev. Goudy will be preaching and Brian Jones will be leading the music at the service. 
     Vision of Hope MCC is located at 130 East Main Street, Mountville, PA 17554. Get revived!

     MCCLV's Sunday Adult Christian Education meets on Sundays @ 10am, in the Chapel. Upcoming Adult Christian Education sessions include a focus on Christian Art, Direct Dealing & Reconciliation Training, Healing and Peace.

     MCCLV's Sunday School classes for children and youth meet on Sundays @ 10am. To register your child, contact Children & Youth Education Coordinator Shawn DeVault via ShawnDevault@mcclv.info
     Dedicated teachers are delighted to help MCCLV's children grow in Christ. The church warmly welcomes ALL children.

Annual Gathering


Adult Spiritual Growth Opportunities

     Join in a Creativity Night on Friday, October 20 at 7:00pm in MCCLV's Social Hall. All are welcome, bring your creative projects, you friends and neighbors!